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This is the only winter sports complex open all year round in the Baltic
States. Three skiing tracks designed for alpine skiing and snowboarding
are built on an area covering 8 hectares.

The architectural brainchild of Algirdas Valavičius and run by the Lithuanian Foresters’ Union, this unique wooden structure just out of town in the direction of Grūto Parkas is essentially an education museum aimed at enlightening the local population on all things natural as well as explaining humanity’s place and function within the natural world.

A personal A. Cesnulis sculpture park, containing many unique wooden sculptures, a beautiful park and a four storey windmill built by the artist himself.

Druskininkai City Museum was established in villa “Linksma” that served as a representational building and remained under protection of the State Council.

M. K. Ciurlionio Memorial House Museum

Museum is located in Druskininkai town. A former Čiurlionis summer house nowadays holds many of his personal items, paintings gallery, original piano, and his room. Memorial museum also holds excursions and exhibitions.

To date, no other museum or cultural institution has endeavoured to collect or duly exhibit Soviet relics. In Grūtas Park, monumental sculptures are positioned in a 2 km-long exposition, where guard towers, fragments of concentration camps and other details resemble Siberia.

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